#dog person

Show us!

Are you a dog person, too?

You know what unconditional love means because you can see it in your pet's eyes every day. You know what a real friendship is and you know what it means to be simply inseperable. Your dog makes you a better person - maybe not always "normal" but very special. Tha's what makes a dog person!

Even if you don't always notice it: it's not only you training your dog, he trains you, too! Living with a dog changes your every-day-life, your behavior and what's more or less important.

… how do you show that you're a dog person?



Each new scent wants to be discoverd, each new path explored. It might happen that your dear companion finds a tempting puddle which he can't resist. But why be upset when seeing how each part of the fur gets coloured properly? A dog person is used to much worse.
It's most important that it's fun for the dog!


No matter which place or time, you seem to only appear as a team! That's why none of the neighbours is surprised to see you walking round the block in your pyjamas so your dog can relieve himself.
Well, most importantly wear something.



No one comforts you better than your best friend on four paws. He notices immediately when you feel bad and simply is always there for you. When you're happy, he's just as happy with you. You can tell him anything without feeling embarassed or critisized by your four legged friend. No make up, bad hair day and with chips crumbs on the couch?
None of that matters - most importantly be cosy.


How did your dog change your life and you as a person? What are the typical "You wouldn't understand, it's a dog thing" moments to you? Tell us and share it with other dog persons!